About Amanda Jean

Hello, Beautiful Butterfly!

It’s an honor to share more about me and why I created Books for Butterflies!

You’re meant to be here reading these words at this very moment, believe it or not. 

Every journey of personal or spiritual growth is unique. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when seeking guidance and answers along the way. 

Something magical happened when I began seeking answers to my problems wholeheartedly. Perfectly aligned guidance started to “appear.” My most extraordinary and powerful “teachers” were certain public figures (many of who are authors) and books.

The fact that every teacher delivered the exact answers I sought to answer, but more that they seemed to have found me, somehow, was the magic!

If you’ve never experienced this, I wish for the guidance you seek to be here in the words and books I share.

Sharing them with you is a privilege – one that brings me immense joy!


About Amanda Jean

Photo of blog author, Amanda Jean

Here’s a selfie and a little about me!

Jean’s my middle name. My last name is Polish and extremely difficult to pronounce, so I go by Amanda Jean online.

I’m a devoted mother of four boys and an animal lover who’s been wild about horses since I was five. The Pacific Northwest (Washington State) has been my home for nearly all my life. 

Those who know me will tell you I’m an “old soul.”

It’s true. I’m also an open book

I turned 40 on June 29th (2022). In many ways, it feels as though I could be 50! Thinking back on all the hurdles I’ve faced and overcome in life, I’m not surprised. I’m beyond blessed with a lovingly close family, but my school years were excruciating.

After high school, I felt lost in life.

My self-esteem was extremely low, and I was co-dependent. The relentless desire to please and cater to others, no matter the cost, led me down dark, soul-shattering roads that still haunt me. 

For many long years, I struggled with (and suffered from) childhood wounds without realizing I had them!

Motherhood is my happiest, most important purpose in life. I became a mother at 21. My fourth son was born two years ago! Sadly, I endured many more wounds from my long fight to balance motherhood and surviving dysfunctional, emotionally-damaging relationships

Looking back, it’s as though I was “sleepwalking” through life and ever disconnecting from my true self. But being willing to stop at nothing to protect the well-being of my children fueled my resilience. I deeply yearned to create more peace and happiness and escape the stress and turmoil that plagued our lives.

I sought relentlessly to find and learn from others’ wisdom.

Eventually, I “woke up.” 

I realized I had the power to change everything and that I needed to decide to pursue my ability. This has been my focus for the last few years. I’m on an “inward journey” that keeps improving my perception of the world and the people in my life.

I have a big dream!

My biggest dream is to afford enough land to start a horse rescue and family retreat center. Helping horses and families in need would mean the world to me.

I’m determined to make my biggest dream come true!

The Purpose of Books for Butterflies

“Helping others is the way we help ourselves.” -Oprah Winfrey

Books for Butterflies is a place for you to find encouragement, inspiration, and well-aligned resources along your journey of personal growth. 

I write to shine a helpful light on your path. Every one of us deserves to become our authentic and powerful versions of our true selves.

Only then can you spread your wings and fly!

Three messages, or truths, I want others to receive from my blog: 

  1. There will only ever be one you (and you’re perfect just the way you are)
  2. You’re worthy of living life as your authentic, true self
  3. You have a unique and divine purpose in this life

By sharing the teachers and books who’ve helped me along my journey, I help others and myself to grow and thrive. 

All I write about is shared mindfully, transparently, and from my heart. 


From Envisioning to Books for Butterflies Emerging

The vision and dream of this blog have lived in my mind and heart for five years. 

I dedicated hundreds of hours to learning how to start a blog. My favorite online course topics among those I’ve taken are WordPress, Canva, and Copywriting. But whenever my feet hit the “blogging pavement,” I quickly became overwhelmed. Although I would stall, my dream of blogging didn’t.

In January (2022) I began to write and publish on Medium, and I still do. It’s a social media platform for people who love to read and/or write. You can learn more about me in my About Me article on Medium.

Most recently, I discovered a tutorial about creating a book blog. The YouTube video creator introduced me to Wealthy Affiliate (a company founded in 2005 by Canadian entrepreneurs Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim). It’s a training and web hosting platform that provides training and tools for building successful affiliate niche websites and blogs.

I’m grateful for the support and inspiration within the blogging “tribe” I now belong to at Wealthy Affiliate.

Mostly, I’m grateful my blog has finally emerged!


If you’ve ever dreamed of blogging (or tried and got stuck or overwhelmed), consider visiting the blogging community I’ve found in Wealthy Affiliate and me. You’ll not be asked for any payment (nor to put anything on file). Click here to come on over!

Please do say hello on my Books for Butterflies blog.

I can’t wait to get to know you! 

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out anytime. You may leave a note below or write an email to me at amandajean@booksforbutterflies.com

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and Books for Butterflies! 

Love and light,

Amanda Jean

4 thoughts on “About Amanda Jean”

  1. Hi, Amanda. I want to congratulate you on this choice of creating a blog. I follow you on Medium and I know you’re a valuable writer. I like the support you’re offering and the finality of your dream. I wish you keep on track with your goals. The world needs any good advice on the path of self-realization.

    • Hi, Cristina!
      Your kindness and encouragement mean so much to me.
      I love your wish and that you wrote the very first comment on my blog!
      I agree. Self-realization can make such a positive difference in our world. I’ll be posting here again soon.
      Thank you, again, for your support! <3
      ~Amanda Jean

  2. Hey Amanda. I follow you on Medium and had to check out your blog! Nice work, girl!
    Self-realization is a huge factor in healing oneself!
    Best of luck to you in all your endeavors!

    • Hey Billie! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and leave me a note! It’s so encouraging to have your support and I appreciate your good luck wishes, too. I’m excited to grow and help others through writing here. <3
      ~Amanda Jean


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